• Improving efficiency through location-based data analytics.





  • Does it move? We’ll analyze it.

    Elenytics is an indoor navigation service which gathers data to help schools, hospitals, and stores run more efficiently.


    One engine. Infinite applications.





    Hardware on essential hospital materials allows hospitals to keep track of, and access these items as quickly as possible.



    Elenytics places chips on student and visitor ID cards to allow administration to visualize the location of every individual on campus.​






    We track shopping carts to visualize the most common paths your customers take around stores to help you with product placement.

  • Why we're different

    One time setup

    Once we install our hardware, you don't have to worry anymore.

    IOS and Android

    We work with both platforms.


    We offer you the possibility to track in real-time.


    We can alter our product to scale to however accurate you need us to be.

  • Technology

    Our software receives data from the tracking chips, compiling it into an accessible format, in order to display the information required.